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Questions? Here are the answers!

How does it work?

  1. Choose your tour. When booking, make sure you know how many people you want to go on the tour with.
  2. The activation token will be displayed immediately after successful payment. Additionally you will receive it by mail.
  3. You can start now or at any time. Send your team members the token so everyone can follow the tour on their mobile device.
  4. Go to the starting point and get started. You will receive all further information on your smartphone. Have fun!

How does the tour work?

  1. Once you are at the starting point, you can use the link from the mail on your smartphone that will lead you to enter your token.
  2. After verifying the token, you can immediately start using the web app without installing it on your smartphone.
  3. Receive all further instructions there and dive into the story.
  4. Solve the puzzles to find out where you need to go next.
  5. Get interesting background information about your surroundings and their history during the tour.

What do I need to participate?

  • a mobile device with permanent internet access (we make sure that there is sufficient network coverage at the event location when creating our tours)
  • sufficient battery charge for the duration of the tour.
  • a valid token

Where does my tour start?

The starting point of the tour is displayed on the map. Go there and start the tour.

How long is the token for a tour valid for redemption?

The token can be redeemed within 12 months from the date of purchase. After that, you have 60 days to play through the tour.

What can I do if I have booked the wrong tour?

Within 14 days you can easily cancel the tour as long as you have not activated the code yet. Please note our Cancellation policy.

What does family- and child-friendly mean?

Tours that are marked as family- and child-friendly contain only age-appropriate content (illustrations / language). Questions and riddles are rather playful and simpler.

What does wheelchair accessible mean?

If there are no stairs or other obstacles that are difficult to overcome for people with limited mobility on the route of the tour, the tour is marked as wheelchair accessible. However, it is hereby pointed out that due to local conditions, such as construction sites, there may still be restrictions.

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